I’m the land of fairy
But they’re just the fairy for other…
Coz I’ve surrendered my self to the only fairy I had in the land of mankind…

Living without you is just a pile of pain
Feels like a ten shade of winter..
cracking my bone..
freezing my blood..
Losing my mind…
Blinding my eyes…
knotting my jaw in the coldest night..
Even worse the sun can’t share it’s light..
Coz you’re the only sun that warms my heart..

Every single second I’ve passed is just to hope that it goes faster
Every single night I’ve run through is just to wish that I can hold you right and tight sooner.
Kissing your body and soul…tenderly..
But all I can do…
To hug and kiss you through this lonely heart…
wishing that it’ll reach to you…



Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Fairy

  1. danu nuwansyah

    Asslm’laikum Wr.Wb…
    Ceritain sedikit dong bang Bai mksud dari puisi abang yang indah ini,,
    syukran,, šŸ™‚

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