Dear Allah…
Every gift and mercy You’ve donated
Every lesson and bliss You’ve shared
Every time and every where You’re always be

Dear parent…
For the blood shed and flown in my vein
For the holy night you bow over and over again
For the affection you’ve shared like hard rain
Dear pal & kin
Every single step leaves behind punches traces
Every single tick of time radiate thousands hopes of faces
Every touch of hands, heart leaves reminiscences
For hands are offered to me
For faith is trusted in me
For love is bestowed to me

When smile, giggle, cry and love are carved on the corner of heart deeply
Depicting the colorful of sparkling life enormously
In a cup of morning coffee endlessly
Seized to a kingdom royal bed
To be recalled, laughed and bawled
Along with the sink of the sun
When everything is gone
To clutched hopes, future and fantasy
Till The Highest Majesty draws the last son on earth



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5 responses to “Dear…Gratitude

  1. salam bang baiquni.
    ini guru english yang ngajar di MEC dulu kan?hehhe
    wah wah….ternyata pandai nulis puisi juga
    bagus…(walau ada beberapa kata yg ga ngerti, hehhehe…maklumlah vocab seadanya)

  2. iya ne saya lagi s2 di turki…mereka mah kgk pake bhasa inggris… 😦 pake bhasa turki… beeeggghhh..cavek deh..haha

  3. oooo…jadi harus belajr bahasa turki lagi ya…

    ckckkc…susah juga ya,,hehhe…
    tp gapapa bang, jadi kaya bahasa:D

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