Indeed happiness is the most valuable matter searched by every people in the world. The searching could lead people to describe happiness by having a suitable couple, have a lot of money and have wonderful children. however, sometimes in the searching of happiness, there a lot of torn and obstacle that may pop in to somebody’s life. The result of it could be very different, some people respond to that situation negatively by drowning himself in the dark side of his or positive respond by taking it as a learning process that will be useful for the future. however, this is the hardest part of life, accepting the failure. But if we want to seek deeper, God always speak to us in different way, sometimes we notice it and sometimes not. When He speaks to us, we used to ignore Him or probably just simply can’t listen to Him. Trust in your faith, that when you pray to your GOD, he always listen to you and give you the answer, nevertheless sometimes our ears is too deaf and our heart is too dirty to receive all the frequency that He always sent to us through His messenger.

Sometimes, when we ask about a thing, He won’t give us the thing directly however He gives us the way to grab the thing because he doesn’t want to spoil human. Human should be strong so that he’ll survive in every kind of situation. Because that’s what we are…


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