Five Resolutions for English Learners

As people know, English has become the global language in communication and technology at this moment used in almost all sector of life such as in education, work and even in world of technological advances. Expert said that English will be used as their second language by third of the world population in 2010. It means that if we do not English, we are in danger of being excluded from everything. Unfortunately this condition has been happened in many countries such as Indonesia. It seems that English has become a very difficult subject for every student in Indonesia either for the one who sit in university level or primer school level especially in cities and even worse in villages. Probably there will be a question in our brain “How to solve this problem?” According to this matter, Lida Baker—an English teacher from California—has suggested five resolutions for people who want to improve their English.

The first resolution is to set goals. It is because setting goal will determine our skill that we want to master. If we just set a small goal, we will have the small thing as well. Otherwise we set big goal, we will have big thing too. However, we have to set the goal realistically. It is due to an unrealistic goal will be impossible to be reached.

            The second resolution is to spend a certain time such as 5 minutes or 10 minutes a day to listen English. Spending a certain time to listen English will increase student’s listening skill because listening is not as the same as grammar which can be understood in a short time while listening needs more time and more practice. Listening also can be done by listening to English pop music. This way is very helpful due to English music has a lot of idiom and English learner can be easily to remember and work on their pronunciation. In addition, if student can not find the word said by the singer, they can find in certain website providing song’s lyrics.

The third solution is to read children’s books. It is very helpful for English beginner because children’s book is attractive and the sentences in the books are not very complicated. Hence, it is very easy to be read even though for total beginner English.

The fourth way is to learn a new vocabulary every day. However, the word must not only be known the meaning but also it should be used. Because if it is not used, the word will be the passive vocabulary and it will be gone indeed. Conversely, if the new word is used every day such as for making sentences and speaking, it will be the active vocabulary that will be useful for the learner.

            The last resolution is to talk to native speaker every chance you get. Although it is can be done occasionally, it will be very helpful because practice makes us perfect.

            In conclusion, if we want to improve our English skill. We have to work and practice hard on it.-Gab.


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